Sunday, January 04, 2009

Latin american exhibitions in Donostia

Alcune mostre viste a Donostia.
E finalmente concludo il mio piccolo album delle terre basche "Donostia&Euskadi".
Some exhibitions seen in Donostia.
Finally I've completed my online album of basque country, "Donostia&Euskadi".
Interessante collezione di arte moderna proveniente dall'America latina, il periodo è soprattutto quello dei regimi dittatoriali. La collezione comprende artisti di vari paesi.
Great collection of modern artists from Latin america, every one facing up to different political situations and violence. Seen at "no es neutral" exhibition in Donostia. Especially I loved this work from Luis Camnitzer. There was another one which I found really interesting from Oscar Munoz, a video in which he's painting a face of a man with water on a warm stone, in this way water will soon evaporate and he has to begin from the beginning each time, never giving up!
Un'altra mostra, basata soprattutto su opere pittoriche, ma sempre incentrata sul tema latino americano era "Arte Latinoamericano"
Another exhibition I saw, more based on paintings was "Arte Latinoamericano". Actually I wasn't interested in Botero, but found some new artists who I ignored before!

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