Thursday, June 12, 2008

Il Tortellino Laureato

Congrats Teo!!!

Tortellinokun&Pannachan ^^
Un pensierino per un amico che si è appena laureato (***invidiaaaa***)

PS. Purtroppo lo studio e altri preparativi non mi lasciano molto tempo libero in questo periodo, per questo sono stata costretta a chiudere il mio "commissions status" che verrà riaperto verso la metà di Luglio.
In compenso con molta calma ho realizzato nuove cosine estive che metterò sia sul negozietto che sul blog nei prossimi giorni e nei prossimi weekend!

Here are TortellinoKun and Pannachan (Cream).

A friend of mine has just graduated and this is a little gift for him as he loved my Tortellinis and is a very big fan of Bologna's culture.

TORTELLINI is a kind of pasta tipical of Bologna City.
It is a sheet of pastry filled with a mixture of many things, as meat and ham primaly.
Italians use to eat this plate with soup or with cream, but in this region they also eat it with meat tomato souce (I've never tried to.... ^^''')
BTW it's one of my favourite dishes!

Ps. Unfortunately study and some other businesses are making me really busy in this period, that's why I had to close my "Commission's status" for a while, which will be probably re-opened after 15th July.
Anyway I slowly made new summer creations in these past weeks and I'll upload them in the next WeekEnds, so Stay tunned! ;)

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