Thursday, November 23, 2006

TortellinoKun KeyChain

Be' non poteva di certo mancare tale prelibatezza! ^^

All'inizio li ho fatti senza nulla, ma mi sembravano un po' tristi, così ci ho aggiunto un'espressione ^^
Per ulteriori foto e informazioni: Link
TORTELLINI is a kind of pasta tipical of Bologna City.
It is a sheet of pastry filled with a mixture of many things, as meat and ham primaly.
Italians use to eat this plate with soup or with cream, but in this region they also eat it with meat tomato souce (I've never tried to.... ^^''')
BTW it is so good!
I made it very simply at the beginning, but it seemed a bit sad so I've add it an expression! ^^

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