Thursday, September 15, 2016

Long absence RECAP

Hello Everyone 
It’s been so long I have not been blogging, more than 5 years since the last actual blog post!  
 Well, let me update you with a quick recap of what I have been doing during this long break I took from the handmade world: 
I moved to Edinburgh in 2011, I lived there for a couple of months, really enjoyed that lovely town. The vibe is really good: lots of live music, culturally lively due to the universities based outside the historical center. Seems a bit like a “scottish Bologna” J 
I have been waitressing and enjoying the Fringe Arts Festival in my freetime, joining artists' parties, meeting absolutely lovely and amazing people who I still keep in touch with!  
 I then decided to move down to London, I found a job as shop assistant and the following year I’ve been taken on board by a Recycling Trading Company, after that I moved again and now I’m full time employed for a manufacturing company. London life has been really tough, in the first couple of years I managed to move more than 10 times! However now I live in a nice cozy flat in North London, enjoying London Town with my partner.  
In this whole time I tried to keep something of my passion alive, the easiest one was music, So I managed to keep going to gigs although sometimes I was sooo tired from a whole day or week of work! However I met a lot of great people through music as well, so everything was worth it ;)    
So what brought me back to blogging? 
I see a lot of people around and I always admire the ones who are able to keep cultivating their passions despite everyday work. (Better of course if their passion is their work!) 
I have been scrolling videos on youtube and pictures on instagram and when I came across different artist, I got that itch for creating again, although I always say that and never start due to the limited time I have available, however I hope you stay tuned! 
Let me know what you’ve been up to during my absence from the blog! Looking forward to hear from you!

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